About Equilibrium Homes

Founded by Jacob Okunoren, Equilibrium Homes is quickly gaining a reputation as one of Atlanta’s most trusted and distinguished residential home builders.

At Equilibrium Homes, our primary and only objective is to build homes that wildly exceed our clients’ desires and expectations. Simply stated, we strive to offer our customers designer nuances and attention to detail lacking in other new construction houses within the same price point.  Thus far, this approach has been emphatically received by our clients. We attribute this to our value-driven formula that exhibits to our clients that we not only deliver a superior quality product, but we hand over the keys to buyers who know they will be moving into a peaceful, no-worry, and hassle-free place of rest and relaxation.  It is our belief that our top-notch team, superior products, and the constant drive to provide perfection to our clients is what transforms our projects into homes. 

We understand how stressful life can be on a daily basis.  Let us help you find the center of your life.